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Cutback Asphalts are some of the most diverse bituminous products around. Cutbacks come in a wide variety of grades for an even wider variety of uses. Vance Brothers takes pride in its ability to manufacture almost any grade of Cutback Asphalt that you think of. Thanks in part to our state of the art testing laboratory, if you give us a specification, we can meet it. From chip seals, to damp proofing, to pipe coating, Vance Brothers has the product for you.


Cutback Asphalts come in Rapid Curing (RC), Medium Curing (MC), and Slow Curing (SC) grades defined by their rate of curing. The cure rate and viscosity are determined by a number of factors including base asphalt and cutting agent or cutter stock. Upon exposure to atmospheric conditions, the cutter evaporates, leaving the asphalt cement to perform its function. Some advantages to using a Cutback Asphalt is that they can be stored long term, so long as they are confined to a closed container, and bituminous materials are naturally water resistant.


Vance Brothers produces Cutback Asphalts that meet specifications for foundation coatings as well as pipe coatings. Asphalt’s ability to resist water makes it an ideal product for damp proofing concrete foundations in homes and commercial buildings. Our line of Industrial Cutbacks has been used in the construction industry for many years. Once again, you give us a spec, we’ll meet it. 

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