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Prairie Village water tower coming back together for second life in Kansas City, Mo.

The McCrum Park water tower that was deconstructed and shipping off earlier this year didn’t have to travel far to start its new life. Prairie Village City Councilman Steve Noll snapped a few shots of the tower being put back together again at its new home with Vance Brothers Asphalt Contracting in Kansas City, Mo. The tower is visible from the Blue Parkway overpass heading westbound over the Blue River.

Microsurfacing vs. Mill & Fill

An independent standards development organization has verified the findings of an eco-efficiency analysis (EEA) of asphalt pavement technologies, which shows microsurfacing to be more economical and to cause less environmental impact than mill & fill.

Sealcoating State of the Industry

If you're a sealcoating contractor and you're concerned about the future of the industry, you can relax say producers of sealcoating material. The sealcoating industry is here to stay. What the industry will look like, or what materials will be used is open to discussion, but the industry is something you can bank on. And sealer producers say there are a number of reasons for that, including the success contractors have had educating their customers.

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New Face In The Crowd

August 01, 2014
Vance Brothers Introduces... Adam Hahs