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MICROAD® - This Polymer-Modified Microsurfacing System is a mixture with aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water and mineral fillers. MICROAD is capable of being spread in various thicknesses (wedges, ruts, scratch course). This product also maintains good macro-texture (high friction) in variable thickness sections throughout the service life of the pavement system.
MICROAD®-XT is a 30 lb micro, using a full 30+ lbs of aggregate per square yard. Using XT vs micro mixes extends the surface life, makes for a smoother surface, and ensures a more durable wear surface.
MICROAD®-XTF is a 30 lb micro with 7/8" inch-long fiberglass in the mix. Like MICROAD-XT, this formula will extend surface life, make for a much smoother surface, and ensure a more durable wear surface. Additionally, MICROAD XTF fibers effectively reduce cracking.
Slurry Seal - This system is composed of aggregate, emulsified asphalt, cement and water. The asphalt emulsion binds the crushed aggregate together and adheres the new slurry surface to the old surface over which it is applied. Emulsions of different compositions and drying times are mixed with any one of three grades of aggregates to create a slurry seal mix for specific pavements. Slurry seal can be designed to fit almost any need.
Chip Seal - A thin surface treatment consisting of liquid asphalt or polymer-modified emulsion covered with a chosen aggregate. Can be used to protect oxidized or weathered surfaces, sealing the asphalt to prevent moisture from entering the structure. Performed reliably for many years, yet effectiveness continues to improve with time and new technologies. This project is cost-effective, provides superior skid resistance, is common for low-traffic environments and can extend surface life five to eight years.
Cape Seal is the application of a Chip Seal followed by one or more layers of either Slurry Seal or Microsurfacing. Cape Seal is one of the most economical solutions to address fair to moderately cracked asphalt pavements. It provides a smooth dense surface that has an exceptional skid resistant surface and a long service life. It has the appearance of a conventional asphalt surface but at a lower cost.
Under Seal Undersealing is a process of pumping fly ash and water underneath existing concrete slabs to stabilize fill voids and restore even support to concrete pavement. An economical process for salvaging deteriorating concrete slabs. Undersealing is faster and less expensive than slab replacement slab replacement, requires less traffic interruption, stabilizes concrete slabes for longer-lasting overlays and extends and improves surface look, life and drivability.
Crack Seal - Hot-applied polymer-modified or fiberized asphalt product used to fill and seal cracks and joints. Properly applied, it forms a resilient adhesive and flexible compound that resists cracking in winter and flow in summer. Can dramatically reduce life-cycle costs of roadway and parking lot pavements. Crack sealing is extremely cost effective, is ideal for minimizing structural damage or preparing subsurface for overlays, provides all-weather durability, elasticity and adhesion and quick set, as well as perfect for highway, rural and airport applications.
Fog Seal is a light application of asphalt, usually emulsion, applied to retain aggregate. It is sometimes used over an asphalt concrete surface or a new seal coat, particularly if a porous aggregate has been used as the cover aggregate. A fog seal can be used on an asphalt concrete surface that is exhibiting raveling. Traffic should not be allowed on a fog seal until it has adequately cured.
Pug Mill Cold Mix - This bituminous mix produced with either mixing-grade asphalt cutback or asphalt emulsion, can be used immediately or placed in a stockpile. This is an attractive option to traditional overlays, especially in old rural roads, because it provides a roadway with more "flex," along with a very long-wearing surface.


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