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Polymerized Asphalt Emulsions are emulsions modified with either natural or synthetic polymer. The addition of polymers to asphalt emulsions results in the modification of key physical properties including elasticity, tensile strength, viscosity, high and low temperature susceptibilities, and adhesion and cohesion. Typical uses are for chip seal, cape seal, fog seal, pavement repair and construction.
Polymer Modified Asphalt is modified with latex polymer or rubber polymer with resins, oils and additives. The polymer is blended into the asphalt during the manufacturing process to modify the cured properties of the asphalt. It gives the asphalt increased temperature range performance, making it more flexible in cold weather and not as soft in summer.
Cutback Asphalt is a mixture of asphalt cement and solvents. The most common types are classified as rapid cure and medium cure. They are essentially liquid asphalts. Some are thin enough to be used as prime oil or tack, while others must be heated for use. Their uses included dust control, pavement maintenance, construction (chip seal) and cold mix patching.
RoadTac® is a specially formulated polymer-modified asphalt emulsion. It is designed to provide high flexibility and bonding for Ultra-Thin Hot Mix Asphalt, and Bonded Wearing Course Projects. The residual properties of this composition indicate polymer presens and the base psphalt grade used. The emulsion is designed to break rapidly after spraying to ensure no water is trapped. 
Microad Emulsions are commonly cationic (positively charged), slow-setting asphalt emulsions modified with a latex polymer. They are designed for adequate mixing, quick drying and superior performance. Their latex composition allows for tougher, stronger cured asphalt. Emulsions are matched to the specific job and location. Systems applied using these emulsions far outlast conventional systems. Systems may be opened to traffic in as little as 15 minutes.
Slurry Seal Emulsions are specifically designed for use in a slurry system. Emulsions are anionic (negatively charged) or cationic (positively charged). Most are slow-setting emulsions, but quick-setting emulsions are available for fast-traffic systems. They are designed for a specific job in a specific area using specific raw materials, allowing for adequate mix time with the other materials before being placed on the pavement and curing to a new, slurry seal wearing surface.
Bulk Tack-SS1H is an anionic emulsion specifically designed for priming old pavement before patching and overlay. Tack SS-1H is available in pails, drums and in bulk at our Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa branches.
Industrial Cutbacks are cutback asphalts blended with asphalt pitches and solvents, designed to dry quickly and leave a hard asphalt coating. They can withstand higher temperatures and environmental conditions (such as rain) better than softer conventional cutbacks. Can also be used as the base asphalt product for undercoating and roofing products.
Foundation Coatings are primarily rapid cure cutback asphalts, either conventional or industrial. They are used for building foundations and subsurface applications such as bridge pilings. Asphalt emulsions can also be used for foundation coatings provided the necessary modifications are performed by the buyer.


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